Team Policy


“When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed.”  – Russel Honore

Rules and Expectations:

Be Respectful.  You will show respect toward teammates, coaches, competitors, officials and volunteers at meets, and above all else, yourself.  Whether you are wearing something that says Dexter on it or not, as a member of this team, you represent this team, community, school, and your family at all times. Be respectful of the team’s equipment, and act in a way that makes others proud.

Be Dedicated.

Dedicate yourself to the best version of yourself that you can be.

  • Be a student first: We fully acknowledge that you are a student before an athlete.  As stated in the handbook, you must maintain academic eligibility. “PROBATION Students will be placed on probation if they are a) failing a single class, yet are maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA, or b) not failing any classes, but have a GPA less than 2.0. They will be allowed to practice and compete, but will be placed on a weekly progress report for the remainder of the marking period. Eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis. * Probation status is limited to 4.5 weeks. If a student has not achieved eligible status by the end of this period, the student becomes ineligible. A student with two Ds will also be on probation. INELIGIBLE Students are ineligible if they are a) failing two classes or b) failing one class, but have a GPA less than 2.0. “Failing two classes” is defined as receiving two Es , or an E and two Ds (two Ds equal an E). Ineligible students will be allowed to practice, but not to compete.”
  • Dedicate the time to show up to all practices and meets
    • Practices are from 3:30-5:30 Monday-Friday.
  • Dedicate the work ethic required to improve yourself every day  

Strive for Excellence. Push yourself in practice everyday and every meet.  Set goals for yourself to guarantee success of both yourself and our team.  Do not settle or become complacent with good enough.  Push and always aim for excellence.

Self-Advocate.  Nobody knows you better than you.  Advocate for yourself and communicate with your captains and coaches.  If you are dealing with frustrations, injuries, stress with Track or with your academics, be sure to talk to someone.  We cannot help you if we do not know what is going on with you.

Follow the policies of the Student-Athlete Handbook. You must adhere to any and all policies stated in the handbook. This includes eligibility, athletic code of conduct, substance abuse, and dress code standards.

Rules for Practice: (Conflict calendars may be exceptions to the following)

Practice is from 3:30-5:30pm.  You are expected to be present at every practice on time and in its entirety.  If you are not in attendance the day before a meet, you will not be allowed to compete in this meet.   If you miss practices unannounced and without stating it on your conflict calendar, you will not compete in the next meet.  If two practices are missed unannounced then your spot on the track team may be lost entirely.  Coaches will meet with that athlete to discuss what happened, but this can result in being cut from the team. Meets are the culmination of hard work that comes from attending practice.  When at practice, you may have different workouts depending on the events that you participate in.

We understand you may have a point when you have too much schoolwork and may be overwhelmed.  You need to communicate these concerns with Coach Heidtke.  These moments will be handled on a case by case basis depending on the workload, reason for the workload being so high, and potentially the dates already missed/ the timing of the date being missed.  In the case of a family emergency confirmed by a parent/guardian, that is a different situation entirely, but should still communicated to your coaches.

There are some events that have specialized workouts beyond the standard practice times.  This is due to a need to master specific techniques for that event. This is left to the discretion of the coach in charge of that event.  

Rules for Meets:

  • All athletes are required to ride the bus to each away meet.  After the meet has concluded if an athlete has filled out a leave form signed by a parent, they may ride home with a parent.  They MAY NOT ride home with another student or friend.  If the student has not filled out a leave form, they will need to ride the bus back to the High School.  The bus will not leave a track meet until ALL athletes are accounted for on the bus or with a leave form.  
  • If a meet is on a Saturday instead of a weekday, all students must ride with a parent to and from the meet.  The school will not provide transportation for these events.
  • When you are at a meet, you need to BE A PART of the event.
    •  At a meet you are responsible for knowing the events you are participating in.  You need to keep track of the time and what event is up.  You should begin warming up at least 30 minutes before your event if possible.
    • In order to be properly prepared for your events, make sure to bring food to eat.  This food should be food that prepares you for a workout.  DO NOT EAT JUNK FOOD.  Target healthier foods such as the following:
      • Nuts
      • Light Sandwiches
      • Cereal bars
      • Fruit
      • Vegetables
    • Remember that you are part of a team.  If you are done with your events, that does not necessarily mean the meet has ended.  You are expected to stay to support your teammates.  Rather than hiding in the tent, venture out and cheer on teammates.
    • Help each other throughout the meet.  If you have some down time, line the field, cheer each other on.  Make sure our athletes have someone to help push them at every part of the track.  Engage with other athletes, learn other events.  Follow what is happening in the meet.

This year there are potential cuts in track, not due to skill level, but due to effort or behavior.

An athlete may be released from the team a coach’s discretion for any of the following:

  • Athlete is not taking practice/meets seriously and is a distraction to others
  • Athlete is not following rules or expectations stated above.
  • Athlete is not able to attend enough practices/meets.
  • Athlete cannot be trusted to be left without constant supervision from a coach
  • Athlete does not listen to coaches or cannot be respectful when talking to/working with coaches
  • Athlete is directly hindering the effectiveness of coaching a practice or with another athlete’s effort level
  • Athlete fails to follow the expectations of the student-athlete handbook




Parent/Guardian Volunteers and Help

Athletic Event Help: Sign UP (link coming soon) to work concessions.

We need Volunteers to improve our home meets. With your help things move much smoother and meets can end quicker, but in order for that to happen, we need your help!

Concession Help: Sign UP at (LINK COMING SOON!) to work concessions.


We are always searching for more ways to do fundraising.  We are a team of 120+ athletes every year.  Our events require specialty items that can be rather costly. $150 hurdles, $600 vaulting poles, $100 crossbars, $200 competition discus, team tents, sprint blocks, etc.  If you have ideas or wish to make a donation of some kind, we are always appreciative. Please speak with Coach Heidtke if you have ideas on this matter.