Helpful Information

2017 Order of Events – Cheat Sheets Here

2017 MHSAA Division 1 Qualifying Standards Here

  • Scholarship: Athletes must be in good academic standing to participate. Learn good time management skills. Work on projects in advance. Plan studies with the track schedule in mind.  Consider the practicality of other extracurricular commitments during season.
  • Clothing: Uniforms (singlet and shorts) are provided. Take good care of them.  Wash inside-out and hang-dry.  Wear weather appropriate clothing.  Keep a sweatshirt and sweatpants in your locker.
  • Equipment: Athletes need good, well-fitting, event-appropriate shoes and spikes to boost performance and prevent injury.
  • Scheduling: Consistent attendance is essential. Absences, leaving early, and tardiness interfere with the flow of team practices.  Do not schedule ANYTHING during practices or competitions.  Athletes must stay until practices and meets are over.
  • Transportation home from away meets: To take your athlete home after a meet, you must fill out a Transportation Permission Slip and return it to the athletic office by the day of the meet.
  • Nutrition and hydration: Make healthy nutritional choices. Nutritious diets aid performance and help prevent injury.  Pack snacks to eat before practice.  This is especially important for those with first lunch.  Hydration is very important.  You need a water bottle during practices and meets. Water is not always turned on at the field.  Hydrating during the school day is also important.
  • Sleep: A good night’s sleep is critical for academic and athletic performance. Make good time management choices to get appropriate sleep time.
  • Fundraising: No one likes door-to-door fundraising. We provide alternatives, but they require your help. We host two large invitational meets. We receive money for every event worker, a share of the registration fees, and concession profits. These are great ways to raise funds for equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, etc. PLEASE sign-up. We need everyone’s help. We train you; no previous experience required.  Sign-up to help as an event worker or concession worker at each meet.