Field Event Flyers and announcements

Two big flyers for you to check out for this summer!

Summer Starter Field Event Meet

Summer Vault Series

No Middle School PV or HJ practice

No Middle school pole vault or High jump practice on Saturday, May 11th due to the unseasonably cold and wet weather.  See you on Monday


Welcome To Parent Night. Did you miss the meeting? That’s okay, either way, below are a few things to get you started. Feel free to email Coach Heidtke at if you have any questions.

  • Coaches & Captains
  • Team Policy
  • What does Track & Field for the high school look like this year?
    • Team Number
    • Middle School Involvement
    • No Cut Sport, Not too late for people to join!
  • Team Schedule LINK
  • Team Gear (Not available until Monday March 12) LINK
  • Medias to use for track
    • twitter: @Dexter_Track_Field
    • Facebook: DexterTrack & Field/Cross Country
    • REMIND APP: To 81010 @dreadstf
  • Here is a form to fill out to make sure Coach Heidtke has the right information for you the parent/guardian.  LINK
  • Conflict Calendar LINK
  • Photography
    • LINK
    • If you take pictures of your own throughout season.  Share them to us with Shutterfly!
  • Women’s spandex short uniform alternative LINK
  • Men’s spandex short uniform alternative LINK
    • Purchase these to wear at meets instead of shorts given at the start of season.


Track Distance Crew Training!

Welcome to 2018! Monday marks the start of a new year at DHS, and I hope your resolution was to destroy your old mileage and PR records because it’s going to happen regardless. I love running because the people that work the hardest find the most success, and there is nothing to hide behind if you don’t work hard!!

It’s going to be cold for a few months, but we are going to work thru it together and set a solid base for the season.  The next two weeks we are running but not doing workouts yet. This is to ease people back in that may not have run much over the break or in December. However, starting Jan 21-27 we will be doing workouts.
The link for the indoor meet schedule if you are interested:  These are NOT required and you will be 100% on your own to get yourselves there, home and registered for events). If you choose to do any of these, let me know and make sure you still get your miles in. We haven’t done much work yet, so keep expectations for any indoor race times to a minimum.
This week: (HM= Hudson Mills, HS= High School)
Monday: 6 miles, HM @ 3:30
Tuesday: 7 miles, HS @ 3:15 + strength
Wednesday: 6 miles, HM @ 3:30
Thursday: 7 miles, HS @ 3:15 + strength
Friday: 6 miles, HM @ 3:30
Saturday: 8 miles, 5665 Webster Church Rd @ 9am (if we want to get team breakfast long runs going again, would love to have some parental help in the scheduling)
Sunday: REST
As always, if you need anything email me, text, call or send a carrier pigeon.
Coach Drew