Dexter XC Week 16

You guys are in the final month of the season! October is here! We are going to try to combine some fun with our work this week, and then get after it hard on Saturday at the Portage Invite.

Big thing to note, if you do not plan to attend Portage due to Homecoming please let me know ASAP. I need to get a roster together and the carpool coordination only works if we know who is going!
Monday: High School, chase run 7 miles + Weight room
Tuesday: 2×2 mile +1 mile at Hudson Mills
Wednesday: High School 6 to 9 miles + Weight room
Thursday: 2xmile- 4×400-2xmile at Hudson Mills
Friday:  Good/Bad/Ugly Capture the Flag at the High School, Homecoming parade
Saturday: Portage Invite. Carpool leave time TBD. Girls Varsity race at 1:30, Boys Varsity race at2:30, Boys JV race at 4:30, That much we know for sure!
Sunday: Long Run 9-11 miles
Varsity as of now is: Lucas, Nathan Larson, Nick Barnes, Ben, Rishabh, Owen and the 7th spot right now is Nick McKenzie. I’m giving this week of training to see if Ransom or Maki can get that spot or if Nick defends it.

Dexter XC: Week 15

Way to push thru this tough and hot week of training! Two more weeks of really tough training, but hopefully the heat cuts out this week.

Monday- Hudson Mills- 6.5-7.5 easy recovery running. PASTA DINNER @ MY HOUSE 5:30-7:30pm (9180 Island Lake Rd)

Tuesday- SEC Jam 2, Heritage Park, Adrian (Heritage Park, 3221 North Adrian Hwy, Adrian 49221). All the info on says right now is that girls race at 4:30 and guys race at 5:15. Waiting to hear more info if there is a separate JV race and if so what time. Right now bus is leaving at 2:30pm, and I will need notes ahead of time from anyone getting rides home with parents.

Wednesday: High School, 6.5-8.5 + Weight room

Thursday: Hudson Mills: 6x1k

Friday: High School, 6.5-8.5 + Weight Room

Saturday: Long Run @ the Mckenzie’s (3516 Lexington Circle–Dexter Crossing Sub) 8-11 miles

Sunday: Rest or 5-6

I will get as much info as I can about the Race Tuesday for you guys, but otherwise lets get after this training the next few weeks and set ourselves up for a killer end of the season! See you Monday!

Week 14 Training

Guys, you are doing a great job. Holly is a tough race, but everyone worked hard and the places were good. PR city coming again at SEC #2 next week even on a tough course!
I know it feels like the season is just getting underway, but workout and race with a sense of urgency. We only have 6 weeks left to get into optimal shape for championship race time. It’s time to start getting really aggressive in workouts and pushing yourselves to that next level. You’ll see with the addition of the weight room time, I’m hoping to get everyone running 7 days a week to increase your total miles every week while lessening the total for each day. This is going to be a VERY tough training week, but you can do it! Stay focused on your goals and the team’s!
I still firmly believe we have 7-10 guys that can get down at or under 16:40 and everyone else will be pushing for big time PRs.

Monday: High School, 3:15pm – 6-7.5 miles and weight room

Tuesday: Track. 5x1k fast

Wednesday: HS- 6-7.5 miles and weight room

Thursday: Hudson Mills, 5xmile repeats

Friday: HS- 6 or 7.5 miles and weight room

Saturday: Long run @ Ransom’s 7631 Purple Martin Way- 8-11 miles

Sunday: Rest if necessary, but 6-7.5 miles on your own preferred

Miles for the week should be 40-60 total. Will stay at this for about 2-3 weeks and then hit our peak miles (44-62) the first week of October before a mild taper leading up to the SEC 3, Regional, and States. If you have any questions, let me know!

Dexter XC: Week 11

Not a bad start to the season; 11 first time 5k’s, 7 PRs and many people close to their previous best times. A good place to start and begin working toward getting faster.

Obviously, the way we get better is to continue to work and increase our speed during workouts. That means pushing and getting those paces down as best we can! Hard to run 5:20 pace in a race (16:30) if you can’t rep it in a workout 🙂

This week’s schedule is a bit funky because of the holiday and school starting up Tuesday. We will meet at 8:30am on Monday, but then 3:30-5pm on Tuesday-Friday once school begins. I know you guys have a half day, but unfortunately I do not and am working until later in the day.

Monday: High School- 6 or 7 miles
Tuesday: Hudson Mills- 4x1km
Wednesday: Hudson Mills, (Team Pictures, bring Uniforms) 6-8miles easy
Thursday:Hudson Mills- Mile, 2mile, mile (will try to do it on the south course)
Friday: High school- 6 or 8
Saturday: (8:30am) Hudson Mills- 7 or 10
Sunday: (on your own)- Rest or 5

Mile Totals: estimated 37-54

PS Good/Bad/Ugly is updated from Bowling and Running2Win logs.
two teams had 6 guys log miles, Ugly had 7. Good won with 222 miles, Ugly was 2nd with 219 miles and Bad was 3rd with 187 miles logged.

*Lucas was top with 47 miles logged*

Overall: Good: 16 Bad: 22 Ugly: 20 (lowest score wins)