Alumni Page

Welcome Dexter Track & Field and Cross Country Alumni!

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Below is an ever growing list of former Dreadnaughts who have gone on to compete in the sport of Athletics at the next level.


Owen Huard, Michigan State University (Distance)

Nathan Larson, Michigan State University (Distance)

Henry Sheldon, University of Michigan (Pole Vault)


Nicole Bow, University of Guelph (Pole Vault)

Ransom Duncan, Michigan Tech University (Distance)

Lucas Betzoldt, Michigan Tech University (Distance)

Nick McKenzie, Michigan Tech University (Distance)


Maddie Wright, Illinois State (Pole Vault)


Jack Shelley, Hillsdale University (Distance)

Myles Kanipe, Loyola University (Distance)


Ali McLean, University of Michigan (Distance)
Katie Tewksbury, Oakland University (Pole Vault)



Annalane Miller, Calvin (Pole Vault)

Charlotte Read, Brigham Young University (Pole Vault)

Dana Tessmer, Oakland University (Pole Vault)

Justin Tomshany, Adrian College  (Pole Vault, Javelin, Hammer)



Elise Dombkowski, Michigan Technological University (Distance)

Kamie Powell, Michigan State University (Pole Vault)

Andrew Dumont, Michigan State University (Pole Vault)

Noah Gary, Michigan State University (Pole Vault)

Robin Jackson, Michigan Technological University (Distance)



Matt Greve, Grand Valley State University (Distance)

Blake Loudermilk, Albion College (Distance)



Micaela Conter, Central Michigan University (Pole Vault)

Nichole Ferguson, University of Michigan (Pole Vault)

Michelle Klein, Eastern Michigan University (Pole Vault)

Taylor Neely, Dartmouth College (Distance)

Emily Pap, Michigan State University (Distance)

Claire Tewksbury, University of Michigan (Pole Vault)

Victoria Waidley, University of Michigan (Distance)



Corey Birchmeier, Manchester College (Distance)

Nyki Caldwell, Wake Forest University (High Jump)

Jeremy Horner, Grand Valley State University (Pole Vault)



Ben Carruthers, Michigan State University (Distance)

Steve Ferguson, Grand Valley State University (Pole Vault)

Elly Mioduszewski, University of Michigan (Throws)

Kristen Yarows, University of Wisconsin (Distance)



Abby Hess, Albion College (Distance)

Ian Nystrom, St.Olaf (Distance)

Jamila Odeh, Amherst College (Distance)



Bobby Aprill, University of Michigan (Distance)

Remme Cortwright, Grand Valley State University (Distance)

Mari Couasnon, Syracuse University (Distance)

Alex Hess, Naval Academy (Distance)

Becca Pilkerton, U Minn & U of M School of Medicine (Pole Vault)

Ben Stevenson, Grand Valley State University (Distance)



Dan Jackson, University of Notre Dame (Distance)

Melany Mioduszewski, University of Michigan (Distance)

Ryan Neely, Harvard University (Distance)

Jessie Vickers, Grand Valley State University (Distance)



Bailey Wandyg, Western Michigan University (Pole Vault)



Jenny Heldt, Michigan State University (Pole Vault)

Tony Nalli, University of Michigan (Distance)

Lex Williams, University of Michigan (Distance)



Ryan Boluyt, UNC-Wilmington (Distance)



Chris Burke, Brown University (Distance)



Chris Samborn, Eastern Michigan University (Distance)

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