Track Off-Season- Dexter Distance

Well, it’s that time again folks! Ready to get back to work and prep for track season?? I know I am!! Guy’s team already knows me, but girls let me introduce myself for the families that haven’t met me yet!

I am Drew Collette, I coach the boys during XC and both the boys and girls distance during track season. I was all-state in high school for Lake Orion, ran in college where I was an all-american in XC and the 5k for track, coached a national championship team in the NAIA as an assistant coach, and have been a teacher and athletic director for the past seven years. I am married going on five years, my daughter eden will be 1 at the end of December, and we are adopting a boy the same age from Ethiopia and hoping he is here before the end of the school year. I’m pretty laid back, but I expect everyone to work hard. Running is a great sport because those who want to be good put in more work than those who don’t! I’m a pretty open book, so don’t be afraid to come talk to me or write me an email any time!
With Thanksgiving break next week, we are just meeting for running and lifting next week on the school days M-W. We will be focusing on base miles until January so get out and run! We meet after school at various locations around town or at the high school indoor track when we plan to lift. We are only lifting after we run from now on, and I am tired of fighting them about it! If anyone gives you trouble about it tell them to contact me directly.
Monday: Hudson Mills- 5 miles
Tuesday- High School- 5 miles and lifting (girls we will go thru the routine together before we start) *Mrs. Larson, if you are available around 4-5pm it would be great to have you there for lifting.
Wednesday- Half day so we’ll meet at the high school for 5 miles.
Thursday- On your own/Captain led 5 miles and 50 squat jumps, 50 burpees, 50 push ups, and 50 tricep dips
Friday- On your own/Captain led 5 miles
Saturday- On your/captain led 7 miles easy.
Sunday- Rest
Basically just get five miles of easy running a day in together, then Saturday we will do a little extra. If you are new or really didn’t run much during the XC season like this, do 4 miles a day and 5-6 miles on Saturday.
I will send out a full calendar for December next week as I will be gone for military training, but otherwise I am excited to get back out running with everyone on Monday! Email me or text me with any questions!
Drew Collette
Dexter HS Boys XC,
Dexter HS Track-Distance