Dexter XC Week 18

What a messy and fun day Saturday! I hope you enjoyed it! Races earlier in the day showed lots of PRs and Season best times, but by the time we raced obviously the course was a hot mess. Looking at the results, only 5 people in the top 100 set a PR, and one of them was Owen. That being said, we raced well, placed well, and had some fun.

I have said from the beginning of the season, only three races matter. Thankfully so because the weather has not cooperated much! We are now to the part of the season that matters! I am confident you will all be peaking at  the right time and throwing down some great times and improvements these next two races. Give it all you have; be bold, confident and aggressive. Trust the weeks and weeks of training you have put in to carry you over the 3.1 miles!
There has been some confusion about the dates of our remaining races, so I want to make sure we are all on the same page. I copy and pasted the schedule at the start of the season and maybe they changed the dates since then. Long story short is that SEC Jam #3  is THURSDAY OCT 19 and the Regional meet is FRIDAY OCT 27. Plan accordingly, and always refer to with questions.
Monday: Hudson Mills- 5x1k with Chelsea on the North Course. Should be a great opportunity to workout alongside one of the top teams in the state, bring your A game! Meet at the rec center, warm up and be ready at the north course start line by 3:40. That means get to the park and change, no messing around, we will start without you!
Tuesday: Hudson mills: 7 mile run
Wednesday: High School- 5 miles and strides. Pasta dinner at my house (9180 Island Lake Rd), 5:00-whenever. Back in to the parking spots and try not to block each other in as much as last time!
Thursday: SEC Jam #3 at Hudson Mills. Tentative plan is to have you released from school at 2:30 to get to the park by 3pm. Boys Varsity Races at 4:00, JV races at 5:10. Top 12 in the varsity race are all conference and get medals, 13-18 are honorable mention and get a certificate. We should (and will) get second place in the conference. No one but Chelsea is on our level, and we are racing FAST this week boys!
Friday: high school, 7 mile
Saturday: 8-10 mile Long Run and Betzold’s family is providing cider, doughnuts and chocolate milk for post run. Location TBD
Sunday- 4-6 miles
Let’s get after it this week! Now is the time to accomplish the goals you have set for yourselves as an individual and a team!