Dexter XC Week 16

You guys are in the final month of the season! October is here! We are going to try to combine some fun with our work this week, and then get after it hard on Saturday at the Portage Invite.

Big thing to note, if you do not plan to attend Portage due to Homecoming please let me know ASAP. I need to get a roster together and the carpool coordination only works if we know who is going!
Monday: High School, chase run 7 miles + Weight room
Tuesday: 2×2 mile +1 mile at Hudson Mills
Wednesday: High School 6 to 9 miles + Weight room
Thursday: 2xmile- 4×400-2xmile at Hudson Mills
Friday:  Good/Bad/Ugly Capture the Flag at the High School, Homecoming parade
Saturday: Portage Invite. Carpool leave time TBD. Girls Varsity race at 1:30, Boys Varsity race at2:30, Boys JV race at 4:30, That much we know for sure!
Sunday: Long Run 9-11 miles
Varsity as of now is: Lucas, Nathan Larson, Nick Barnes, Ben, Rishabh, Owen and the 7th spot right now is Nick McKenzie. I’m giving this week of training to see if Ransom or Maki can get that spot or if Nick defends it.