Week 14 Training

Guys, you are doing a great job. Holly is a tough race, but everyone worked hard and the places were good. PR city coming again at SEC #2 next week even on a tough course!
I know it feels like the season is just getting underway, but workout and race with a sense of urgency. We only have 6 weeks left to get into optimal shape for championship race time. It’s time to start getting really aggressive in workouts and pushing yourselves to that next level. You’ll see with the addition of the weight room time, I’m hoping to get everyone running 7 days a week to increase your total miles every week while lessening the total for each day. This is going to be a VERY tough training week, but you can do it! Stay focused on your goals and the team’s!
I still firmly believe we have 7-10 guys that can get down at or under 16:40 and everyone else will be pushing for big time PRs.

Monday: High School, 3:15pm – 6-7.5 miles and weight room

Tuesday: Track. 5x1k fast

Wednesday: HS- 6-7.5 miles and weight room

Thursday: Hudson Mills, 5xmile repeats

Friday: HS- 6 or 7.5 miles and weight room

Saturday: Long run @ Ransom’s 7631 Purple Martin Way- 8-11 miles

Sunday: Rest if necessary, but 6-7.5 miles on your own preferred

Miles for the week should be 40-60 total. Will stay at this for about 2-3 weeks and then hit our peak miles (44-62) the first week of October before a mild taper leading up to the SEC 3, Regional, and States. If you have any questions, let me know!