Dexter XC: Week 11

Not a bad start to the season; 11 first time 5k’s, 7 PRs and many people close to their previous best times. A good place to start and begin working toward getting faster.

Obviously, the way we get better is to continue to work and increase our speed during workouts. That means pushing and getting those paces down as best we can! Hard to run 5:20 pace in a race (16:30) if you can’t rep it in a workout 🙂

This week’s schedule is a bit funky because of the holiday and school starting up Tuesday. We will meet at 8:30am on Monday, but then 3:30-5pm on Tuesday-Friday once school begins. I know you guys have a half day, but unfortunately I do not and am working until later in the day.

Monday: High School- 6 or 7 miles
Tuesday: Hudson Mills- 4x1km
Wednesday: Hudson Mills, (Team Pictures, bring Uniforms) 6-8miles easy
Thursday:Hudson Mills- Mile, 2mile, mile (will try to do it on the south course)
Friday: High school- 6 or 8
Saturday: (8:30am) Hudson Mills- 7 or 10
Sunday: (on your own)- Rest or 5

Mile Totals: estimated 37-54

PS Good/Bad/Ugly is updated from Bowling and Running2Win logs.
two teams had 6 guys log miles, Ugly had 7. Good won with 222 miles, Ugly was 2nd with 219 miles and Bad was 3rd with 187 miles logged.

*Lucas was top with 47 miles logged*

Overall: Good: 16 Bad: 22 Ugly: 20 (lowest score wins)