Tomorrow we head to the biggest Track & Field meet in Michigan, Golden Triangle. The meet is hosted by Saline High School. The meet will have some of the most elite athletes in the state. There are over 2,100 athletes registered for this meet with over 85 schools scheduled to attend. This is an extremely LONG meet. The last running event is tentatively scheduled to start at 10:55pm, which could potentially get bumped back further. Last year the 4x400m Relay was ran at 12:00am / Midnight. Below are a few things to note regarding the meet:

  • Dexter Track & Field Lineups – HERE
    • First Bus – 8:30am (Assistant Coaches will be leading this bus)
      • Check in to 1st Hour classes and then head to the commons ASAP
    • Second Bus – 1:00pm (Coach Moose will be leading this bus)
  • Article from the Saline Post talking about the MEGA MEET! HERE
    • Over 2,100 athletes are registered to attend the meet
    • Over 85 schools
  • Be PREPARED for the weather!
    • COLD – It may feel like 25 – 30 degrees at times with conditions.
      • Bring MULTIPLE layers of clothing…
        • Extra socks, sweatshirts, pants, etc.
    • RAIN – Rain all day…
      • Bring rain gear – Umbrella, Rain Suit, Poncho, etc.
    • WIND – Possible winds up to 40mph 
  • LIVE STREAM VIDEO of the meet (Starting at 4pm) HERE
  • LIVE RESULTS of the meet HERE

** It is possible that this meet could get cancelled due to the possible conditions. Please keep an eye on on Twitter (@DHSTrack_Field) , Facebook Page (@DexterTFCC) or Website  ( for the most up-to-date information. **

**SATURDAY (5/6/17) – Raffin 9/10 Relays (Holly, MI)**

  • Stay tuned for the LINEUPS regarding the SATURDAY meet. It will be for Freshmen and Sophomores ONLY! If athletes run in Golden Triangle, they will not be running at Raffin 9/10 on Saturday (few exceptions in field events).