Goal Setting Homework for Monday


  • Specific.   Exactly what do you want to do? Who’s involved? What’s to be accomplished? Where and when will you make it happen?
  • Measurable.   If you can measure it, you and your coach can evaluate it. How will you show yourself and others that you’ve met your goals?
  • Achievable.   Stretch yourself. Challenge yourself. Don’t set easy goals, nor goals that will frustrate you, if you can’t meet them. Make them controllable.
  • Relevant.   Goals must relate to your event, your track and field career, and to team goals.
  • Time bound. Set target dates for your goals – by the end of…(week, month, season, high school)
  • Effort.   Your goals will require work to achieve. Enjoy the process and account for the hard work it will take to get there.
  • Report.   Talk with your coaches often about your progress.

Homework Assignment:   Each question can have many responses. Be honest. Fill this out during quiet, personal time.

  1. What do you really want out of your track and field experience?
  1. What makes you feel really happy?
  1. Why are you doing track and field?
  1. What activities, classes, extracurricular activities are most important to you?