Film Study: Looking back at an American Phenom

American (and High School) Mile Record Holder Alan Webb recently decided to hang up his spikes from the sport of Track and Field and it’s incredible to think it was only a dozen years ago that he broke the national high school record in the mile in a race full of Professionals and Olympians.  Here is a great article of him reflecting on his career and talking about a new transition in life and below is a video of his famed race.  Webb attended the University of Michigan for 1 year (he actually lived in Ann Arbor when he was knee high) before leaving to sign a contract with Nike and moving back to Virginia to be coached by his high school coach.  Since then he reached many high’s (Olympic Games and American Records) and low’s (Major Surgeries and not making the final of the Olympic Trials), but it seemed like no matter what happened,  you would always expect Webb to be in the mix at the big stage.  This will be the beginning of a new series where we (coaches) will post some great T&F videos for you guys to watch.  Think it as “film study” of our beloved sport!


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