Boys’ Workout – Monday, August 5

*Since it’s down week we did repeats of just time so there will be no “results page”

Workout:  2-3 x 10:00 minutes with 5:00 minutes recovery

Conditions:  68 degrees, sunny but roads were under a lot of shade (Stinchfield Woods, Toma, Tiplady)

Coach’s Notes:  Since today’s workout was based strictly off of duration, having a spreadsheet that displays who did how many reps won’t give you a clear picture (or tangible results) by any means.  However, the one thing I was able to take note of while watching them run was effort.  What today allowed was for the guys to fully take control of their workout and determine what they felt would make for a quality effort.  Before the summer began as I was piecing together our annual training plan, I was a bit nervous and almost too cautious about what could/would/might happen in workouts like today’s because I was most likely thinking too much about the fact that we have a young core making up our team this year.  Days like today further reinforced that (1) even though this is a young team on paper, it is one that has a ton of big meet experience (both from last fall and this past Track & Field season) and (2) that our runners love to work hard and are not afraid to do so.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned as a Head Coach is to not to worry about an individual who wants to work harder and refuse to give up, even if he may have gotten himself in trouble by running too far out of his range early in a workout or race.  Maybe not everyone is willing to let you (parent, teammate, coach, etc.) know vocally that they want to be great, but those that do will be screaming at you, letting you know it in some way or form.  Today definitely was one of those days where those who want to be great shined and their message got through.

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