ASR13! Beginning of a new chapter.

It’s official!  It’s in the books!  What we hope to be a new tradition at Dexter was a great success and we would love to thank every athlete that competed and/or helped out, family members who volunteered their precious time and energy, and everyone that came out to support the April Showers Relays.  Thank you!

In all, 11 Girls and 10 Boys won medals (Top 6) for Dexter, who placed 7th and 9th as a team.

Some of the highlights… The Girl’s High Jumpers and Boy’s Pole Vaulters  claimed 1st place medals. The Girl’s Pole Vaulters and Cailin McLean (1600 Open) claimed 2nd place medals. The Girl’s 3x300m Hurdlers and the Distance Medley Relay will be receiving their 6th place medals. The Boy’s High Jumpers and Sprint Medley Relay placed 5th and 4th. Great job to all!

Official Results are now up on MileSplit, who gave us some press online.

Printable Results can be found here.

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