Regional Assignments

Yes, the rumors are true…  The 2013 Outdoor Track Regional Assignments are out!  (You can review them all here)

We hope that you notice that we said “rumors”, meaning there is more news for us…

We will no longer a part of the Highland-Milford Regional and instead will be a member of the Saline Regional.  Some of you may rejoice in the fact that we are now only 7 miles away, rather than 43 miles away.  Some of you may sulk and moan that we will never again have a Maverick Dog (funny story, they were always up for sale, but never sold), but the change in host/venue will allow us to compete against competition we are most familiar with; the Southeastern Conference.  For that, we are very excited as a coaching staff and look forward to the 7-mile road trip in late-May!

Fire Up!

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